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Advantages of choosing tcHMI

Issuing time:2022-11-10 13:30

HMI design and development must be carried out inaccordance with the development process of the complete system (such asautomobiles, intelligent devices, etc.), so that the design objects can beeffectively controlled and output at all stages of the complete system product.Because HMI design involves a wide range of related fields, only according tothe established process can we design a competitive overall human-machineinterface scheme.

Here is a brief description of the whole machinedevelopment process, and then let's talk about the HMI design process.

1.System development process

Product strategy stage - conceptual design stage - designand development stage - engineering stage - production stage - market operationstage.

2.HMI design and development process

(1) User research and evaluation of early HMI concepts andstrategies

(2) The overall design of HMI mainly includes the followingsub-modules: product function configuration, interior design, market competitionbenchmarking, human factor analysis, hardware constraints, softwareconstraints, functional requirements definition, interaction design, visualdesign

(3) The project implementation stage mainly includes: partdemo prototype bench, system development, hardware development, softwaredevelopment, complete machine test and evaluation

(4) The whole vehicle HMI design covers a wide range at thestage of marketing and operation, including design side and realization side.

(5) Design side: When it comes to HMI design, we will focuson UX design and UI design. Many people will use the Internet to design the HMIdesign of industry and automobile, which is totally undesirable. The productsproduced do not only have no car features, but also lack good user experience.Let's summarize the differences between automobile HMI design and Internetdesign.

(6) Realization side: how to realize the design scheme anddesign effect of a digital product scheme through software programming anddesign with the highest fidelity, achieve the expected effect of design, andfinally serve consumers with friendly human-computer interaction scheme andvehicle design strategy, and create its own service ecosystem. The importanceof automobile HMI realization side is self-evident.

Advantagesof choosing tcHMI

Driven by configuration software, the software developmentof UI interface has entered the era of graphical programming. However, the UIinterface is only a part of the HMI. The data displayed by the HMI and theresponse of the input control cannot be separated from the communication withthe device and the analysis and processing of the data. A variety ofapplication scenarios, complex communication protocols, and endless userbusiness requirements still require a lot of customized development. This partof work still needs the input of professional personnel to implement the code.In the face of increasing and changing demands, HMI development is alsobecoming more and more difficult. People urgently need a solution that can takeinto account UI display and business expansion.

The tcHMI development kit isa software process management and development tool composed of varioussoftware, which is dedicated to solving various problems in the embeddedsoftware development process. Easy to use, stable and reliable are the core of tcHMI.

TcHMI includes a variety of embedded software frameworksand development designers. Through the cooperation of several software, it canprovide a one-stop solution for HMI development.

A high-performance and low-cost UI engine isintegrated in the suite, and a simple and easy-to-use configuration software(tcDesigner) is also provided.

The tcHMI suite is equipped with a graphicalprogramming tool and running engine (tcFlow). Complete embedded productapplication business development by dragging nodes and drawing data flowdiagrams

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