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The Future HMI

Issuing time:2023-01-12 11:31

In order to accelerate the large-scale transformation of HMI, many hardware chip companies have launched corresponding chips, and we have launched supporting HMI tool-tcHMI based on these chips. For example, the HMI system solution of tcHMI+IC helps you add local voice control, voice recognition, face and gesture recognition to various smart home products, white appliances, small appliances, building automation equipment and industrial Internet of Things applications at a lower cost and more easily. With the support of the whole HMI application system, OEMs can now use the new intelligent interface function to make their Internet of Things products obtain differentiation advantages, and accelerate the product launch speed.

Imagine: refrigerators, ovens, washing machines and dryers, vertical air conditioners, thermostats, universal remote controls, home entertainment systems, and tabletop appliances from coffee machines to food processing machines - all of which can be controlled through intuitive voice commands, gestures and face recognition. Our tcHMI technology can also enable contactless interfaces for elevators, medical equipment, payment terminals, door locks and other building access controls.

Traditionally, it is challenging and complex to develop advanced HMI by yourself, which usually requires a long learning process, professional knowledge in machine vision and speech recognition technology. For mainstream embedded developers who want to add voice and visual technology to their Internet of Things products, tcHMI provides a turnkey HMI solution for developers of all skill levels, covering a variety of hardware, software, tools and examples, enabling them to complete the process from concept to mass production in just a few months.

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